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Start with a Marketing Consult

If you’re wondering how it can help, start with a consult. We will discuss your practice, location, specialties and any other needs you have regarding growing your practice. Find fast and effectvive ways to get new and ongoing clients.


Grow a Solo or Group Practice

Have a solo or group therapy practice? Need a new website and marketing strategy? Have an existing website that does not seem effective? Want the best advertising that brings in new and ongoing business? Integrity, great personal service and the best possible results is very important to me, so when I found the same in an therapy website and marketing company, I become a client and partner.  I wanted to make sure therapists can trust they are getting marketing and advertising that will help you achieve your business goals.

Therapy Websites

Do you have a website you want help with? Do you need a new or updated site? Want help understanding what will be more effective and why? Get in touch with a free consult and find someone you can trust to build and market your practice website.

Social Media Marketing

Need help setting up your social media and building your therapy brand? Want to know the benefit of using Facebook, Twitter, Videos and other types of social media for your business? See how we can help you use social media marketing in the most effective and ethical ways.


SEO, Blogging, Content

Want to make sure your marketing has effective SEO (search engine optimization) and content to attract the right types of clients in your local area? Want to know ways to improve your rankings so potential clients can find your practice more?

Building Trust

We value building relationships with each and every therapist client. We also help you build trust with potential clients through your website and marketing. Let us handle your marketing so you can focus on your work as a clinician, educator, supervisor or author.

Start Where You Are

Whether you’re new to marketing or need to step things up, we can focus on your practice goals and needs. Want help with a professional website that will connect with colleagues and potential clients? Don’t know how all of this works, but know you need to find a marketing company that you can trust knows how to market and build a new or existing practice. You don’t have to know how it works, but you do need to find a marketing company that really knows how to get you results. Whether you’re a solo therapist or part of a group therapy practice, you will need effective marketing to build your practice.

Therapy Websites

Do you have a website and feel like it’s not effective enough to get you clients? Are you wondering if your website has the right kind of SEO and/or content? Does your website market to local cities, towns and counties where clients are searching for a therapist? Do you know if your website is mobile friendly, which is very important because more and more people are searching on their phones and tablets? Let’s discuss where you’re at with your practice site and what to do about it.

Social Media Marketing for Therapists & Counselors

Do you need help with your Facebook or Twitter business page? Did you know you can also create a Google plus and LinkedIn Company page? Do you know how making some short practice videos can help your practice? Do you need help with the technical aspects of setting up or connecting your social media to our website? Let’s discuss how to use social media and the best ways to use it to help you grow your practice and get more clients

SEO, Blogs, Content | Get More Clients

Do you want to make sure your practice is being marketed properly? Do you want to improve your website and wonder if the SEO was done at all or done right? Do you want to make sure your blog posts or content will help you connect with potential clients and make them feel like they want to contact you?. We can make sure your SEO, blogs and content attract and appeal to potential clients and search engines so you can get more clients.

The Business of Psychotherapy

Do you need help finding the good practice software, office insurance, health insurance and more? I often partner with services, policies and plans that work very well for me personally and for my practice. Do you want to easily accepting credit cards (including FSA and HSA cards)? Do you want automatic appointment reminders, do you want a join an excellent and reputable PEO Professional Employee Organization (it is working great for me!) to get better health, dental and other benefits for your solo or group practice? Find better business resources for your psychotherapy practice.

Finding the Right Marketing Partner is Key to Your Therapy Practice’s Success



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